TUTORIAL: How to Look Refreshed on Sick Days!

Hello readers!

I have a new tutorial on my YouTube channel- How to look refreshed and lively on sick days…..even if you are feeling like a zombie! Haha.. 🙂

I was running a fever and had to attend a social gathering. I couldn’t just go like a pale, dark-circled weirdo! I had to use some makeup to look at least decent! So I made this tutorial to help out those of you who are having a bad day, but have a meeting or social gathering to attend. It’s not about concealing or hiding every blemish, but bringing back the life on your face.

The tutorial is in Bengali, but I have added english subtitles for my english speaking viewers. So enjoy!

Here is the product list with their availability links.









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I hope you liked the tutorial!

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  1. I love how you don’t stick to the labels when it comes to using products. I sometimes use bronzing and highlighting products as eyeshadows too, and I wonder whether I’m doing it wrong or not…

    I had a question – do you prefer cream/liquid highlighters or powder ones?

    • Haha…May be I feel lazy to use another product for similar purpose, that’s why! 🙂
      About cream/liquid/powder- as the “highlighting” points on my face tend to get oilier I prefer powder. But for the best result, a cream or liquid topped with a powder looks much better specially for photos.

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