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I have been participating in a campaign brought by Pretty Woman where I have used their Nail Medic nail care line continuously for some time. Today’s post is the result of that experiment, and the whole project was really interesting for me because I have been trying out these products for 3 weeks to document the step by step results.


Without further ado, let’s get into business!


NAIL MEDIC is a complete 3-phase anti-aging, high-performance nail treatment system.



NAIL MEDIC combines natural, simple, relatable ingredients with cutting edge technology. The result is a line of extensive, targeted treatment products with exceptional power. Designed to help improve circulation which in turn promotes faster, more healthy nail growth. NAIL MEDIC offers a phased, step-by-step system with skin care-like attributes. Use one or more products from all three phases consecutively for optimal results.



There are 15 products in range. Each retails for $6.97-$7.97 and available only at Walmart online and in store.



Before I start, let me tell you about my natural nail condition.

First of all, it’s all natural. I rarely use nail polish (once a month at most). I have never used any kind of nail extensions, gel or acrylic nails. My nail care routine consists of using a nail file to shape my nails, buffing the surface lightly, pushing the cuticle and using a cuticle & hand cream.

My hands and fingers are kind of dry to begin with and I have problems with my rough cuticles. My nails are not brittle or too soft but they get rough and uneven as I don’t use any protective nail coats for daily basis. They also tend to discolor a bit after doing house works. Check out the close-up shot below.

19 17



In recent years the nail market has been oversaturated with nail color, textured top coats, nail art and nail accessories. Nail Medic wanted to create nail treatments that would bring back the natural look. As per my nail condition, Nail Medic sent me the following products. Their products are divided into 3 Phases.

1 16 25


PHASE – 1:

Phase 1 products cleanse nails and cuticles. This Nail Detox product is an advanced nail cleanser and primer that eliminates impurities caused by environmental stress and preps the nail for a manicure. Infused with Cranberry Extract and Lemon Extract which purifies the nail lifting away embedded grime. Soap Bark Extract and Witch Hazel Extract further detoxify the nail plate helping return it to a natural, balanced state.

I used the Nail Detox.

3 4 15

PHASE – 2:

These products repair and fortify. A “triple treat” of functional oils, extracts and vitamins that work together to provide anti-aging properties while maintaining healthy nails. Jojoba Oil and Black Currant Oil nourish and seal moisture into the nail. Bamboo Extract and Vitamin E hydrate and protect the nail from environmental stressors.

I used the Triple Treat.

7 8 10


PHASE – 3:

These products prime and protect. A unique nail-hardening complex that instantly hydrates and stabilizes soft, weak nails while forming a shield of protection from external stress and damage. Infused with Keratin Protein, Bio-Minerals, and Vitamin E; this treatment will condition, toughen and protect the nail, improving its structure to help reduce breakage.

I used the Force Field.

11 12 14



After Phase 1:

As you can see from the image below, my nail became whiter and cleaner looking after using the Nail Detox. I didn’t file my nails or used any other product. I just washed my hands, applied 2 coats of the product on my bare nails and let it sit for a while to dry down.



After Phase 2:

After cleansing the nails with Phase-1 products, I buffed and filed my nails lightly to give them smoother surface and some shape. Then I applied the Triple Treat on my bare nails and cuticles. I massaged it well into my cuticles. After soaking the cuticles, I pushed them gently with a cuticle pusher. Here is the result.



After Phase 3:

After using Phase 1 & 2 products, I used the Phase 3 product “Force Field“. It’s a lacquer-based base coat and dries down pretty quickly. I applied 1 coat of Force Field, let it dry down and here is the result.



End Result:

After using these products for 15 days, here is my end result. I keep my nails in one constant length, so you won’t see that much of a length difference. But you can see the nail and cuticle condition after using the products.




To see the progress better, here is the before-after comparison shot. My cuticles were really dry, damaged and kind of shapeless in the “before” shot. Nails are also not looking that much white or clean even though I have washed it out properly with soap.

And in the “after” shot, the cuticles are in better condition, nails have become whiter and looking much more healthier than before.

nail Collage


Though my nails were not that damaged to begin with, I loved the way my nails and cuticles looked after using the products. They definitely looked healthier and much more groomed. With the affordable price tag and efficient quality, Nail Medic products can become your best friend if you are keen about your nail health!



What do you do to keep your nails and cuticles healthy?

Comment below!



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  1. I just purchased this set and I am very excited to start using.
    I too don’t do much to my nails. File, buff and go.
    Thank you for the great reviews.

  2. Marilynn Kettner says:

    When you use the product every day for three weeks, do you take off the force field every day with polish remover and then repeat the three step process?

  3. Natasha Sherriff-geary says:

    Claire accessories sell it 😉

  4. Karen Brogan says:

    I recently purchased the trio from my local Walmart. I’ve had it long enough to use it once. I do have a question hopefully someone can answer for me. How often should I use it? Daily or weekly?

  5. I wish we could get these things in Dhaka. I used to use Sally Hansen nail hardeners and conditioners when I lived in Malaysia, but sadly my nails are being neglected very much recently 🙁

  6. The US always has such great products, I wonder if I could find this in Canada!?

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