Don’t you just love when technology eases a work for you?

I know I do!

Today’s article is another example of how science is making our lives easier and more comfortable…..specially in the “hair” related business.

Most beauty enthusiasts have head about the brand T3… if you haven’t heard of it yet, may be you have seen many Youtubers using their curling iron, or straightener or hair dryer to make the hair look beautiful.

T3 is a brand who manufactures top quality hair tools based on latest and improved technology. One of their innovative creations is T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating 1.25” Curling Iron. Today I am going to review this device. Keep on reading till the end of the article!

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T3 revolutionizes hairstyling with groundbreaking technology and custom tools that create shiny, healthy-looking hair. Celebrity hair stylists and beauty addicts worldwide covet T3’s high-performance tools, from hair dryers to cutting-edge styling irons.


What it is:

“A groundbreaking curling iron that senses the movement of your hand and rotates in the desired direction for uniform, shiny, long-lasting curls and waves.”

What it is formulated to do:

Flawless curls, powered by science. T3’s revolutionary gyroscopic curling iron features patent-pending motion-sensing technology and an auto-rotating barrel to create beautiful curls and waves with a simple turn of your wrist. The Twirl 360 senses the movement of your hand and automatically rotates in the desired direction, forming polished, perfect curls every time. With five heat settings up to 410°, two speeds, and T3 tourmaline + ceramic technology, the Twirl 360 is ideal for any hair type or skill level. It features an ergonomic design for an effortless styling experience, creating long-lasting, beautiful, lustrous curls and loose waves quickly and easily.

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It retails for $230 and can be bought at Sephora. (


With a sleek, modern and ergonomic design; the size of the curler makes it look heavier than it originally is. Everything comes in a compact box. The box includes:

  • The curler
  • User guide
  • Heat pad- To protect your counter or dresser top from burning.

The product itself is easy to handle, the long barrel is effective for long hair and the clamp doesn’t make your hair “crimp”. You just turn your wrist left or right, and the barrel rotates automatically to that side.

Let’s have a closer look at the product, so you will get a clearer idea.

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Easy to grip

Easy to grip

5 Heat Settings

5 Heat Settings

The Clamp

The Clamp

What the box includes

What the box includes

User guide

User guide


  • Easy to grip and hold.
  • The clamp doesn’t create crimp or dent on hair.
  • The device heats up pretty fast.
  • You can choose “fast” or “slow” curling process.
  • It has 5 types of heat setting, and you have to press the start button twice to activate the heat switch. So there’s no chance of accidentally changing the heat setting while curling hair.
  • Heat 1-2 gives looser & voluminous curls, 3-4 medium curls and 5 gives tighter, defined curls.
  • Hair looks shiny after using.
  • If used properly, the device does most of the curling part for you. So there’s minimal hand/arm movement. You just have to section the hair and attach it with the clamp.


  • The auto-rotating part may be a little tricky for first time users. It needs a little time and patience to be used to it.
  • Pricey.


If you have chronic shoulder or arm pain, like I do, this curling iron will be really helpful for you.


Here’s a demo of my hair after curling it with T3 Twirl 360. I only used a heat-protectant spray before curling my hair, didn’t use any setting or finishing product. So that I can see how the device actually works. I have used the highest heat setting here for tighter and defined curls. As you can see, the curls held out pretty well even after 8 hours. May be because my hair is curly to begin with, but I liked the result.

Just after curling with T3 Twirl 360

Just after curling with T3 Twirl 360

After 8 hours without any setting spray

After 8 hours without any setting spray




iFabbo is giving away this T3 Twirl 360 curler to one lucky iFabbo blogger reader every week. Simply click on this picture and enter the sweepstake!



Have you used T3 Twirl 360 curling iron yet? What was your experience?

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  1. Hi Wasifa! Thank you for a give away organized by you! IFabbo contacted me by email to inform they miss my shipping address to send the curler and provided the link to fill in this info, though the page doesn’t work and I couldn’t reach the site as well, as all the pages are shown as complete blank ones….
    Do you happen to know how to contact the guys in any other way?
    Your help is much appreciated!
    Thank you in advance,

    • Hey Elena! Congratulations!
      I just emailed them. I will let you know what they suggest.

    • Hey Elena,

      I am really sorry to inform you that I got the reply from iFabbo. Here’s what they have to say: “We sincerely apologize for the confusion, but the sample is for Christie Brinkley Skincare (not a curling iron)! It was a glitch in our system. Would they like to experience her CLOSE UP eye primer? If so please tell them to provide their USA shipping address, then forward their addresses to me.”

      It was a complete shock for me too. I hope you can understand my situation and I sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incidence. Please let me know if I can do anything else.

      • Hi Wasifa,
        No worries at all, iFabboteam sent an email apologizing and saying that due to the system glitch the email I received has been sent to all participants in this giveaway 🙂
        They said the winners will be informed additionally a bit later.
        It’s not exactly what they wrote to you, but anyways, thank you for you concern so much :*
        Happy 4th!

  2. Zoyaa Zainab says:

    This is amazing !
    specially it’s long lasting affect even after 8 hours. My curls usually never stay for long. I would loveee to try it

  3. Zoyaa Zainab says:

    This is lovely !
    I would love to try this brand for sure

  4. Saiyara Nawar Ahmed says:

    eager to know the result!! 🙂

    • Hey Saiyara, as I am just hosting the giveaway and everything else is taken care by the company, the company will contact the winner through email. It will not be announced on my blog.

  5. Afroz Niloy says:

    Wasifa Ahmad Hasan, Thanks a lot Api.
    You review is very much well-written. All the information in one place. I was in search for such a beautiful guideline. As per your suggestion The best thing about This curling iron that am looking for the less or no stress on shoulder pain. I really want the healthy shine.

  6. Tuly Chowdhury says:

    woww. Thanks for the giveway. 🙂

  7. wow.. its so smooth.. im definitely entering.. and hope to win 😀 and u looking beautiful.. 😀

  8. 🙂 it’ll be great to win this

  9. Aysha Tabassum says:

    It’s looking so beautiful and easier to use and carry to travel!

  10. Nice thing…. i love it…… looks very stylish,nice9 and comfortable. ….. amazing colour

  11. Heidi Bee says:

    This is awesome, made your hair look amazing! I am definitely entering this one! Thanks a ton!

  12. A curling iron is in my bucket list for so long, because I am a beauty blogger. I didn’t know which one to buy. But after reading your awesome review, this is the one I am gonna buy if I don’t win. 🙂

    • Hi Faiza! You should definitely try this one out. It gives a healthy shine after curling…. have you ever experienced lifeless curls after using cheap curling irons? T3 one will not do that. That’s a huge plus point for me, as my hair is already very dry 🙂

  13. Naghma koussar syed says:

    Wow! Would love to win it dear.

  14. Tanjin Tanu says:

    It’s looking awesome… I think also easily n comfortable to use.api u looking cool with ur soft curls

  15. Thanks for the giveaway. This will be great for my flat hair.

  16. Beautiful hairdo!! This curling iron looks really comfortable to hold. I love the ones that are longer than usual, since I have really long hair and need extra space! 🙂

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