Review: MELT Cosmetics Dark Matter & Love Sick Eyeshadow Stacks

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Can I say that my heart just MELTED when I saw MELT cosmetics coming out with new products? Just look at their promo pictures and tell me that these are not making you drool!!!

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Courtesy: Melt Cosmetics website


Now that we are on the same track, let’s disclose the fact that I paid for these and I was not compensated in any way for my opinion about the products.


MELT cosmetics is a small cosmetics company created by Lora and Dana who raised their cosmetics empire by lipsticks. I have to write another 1 or 2 posts about their lipsticks, but today I am focusing on something that is launched recently and taking over my Instagram feed each and every second.

Their eyeshadow stacks.

MELT cosmetics has launched 2 eyeshadow stacks, named Dark Matter and Love Sick. Each of these stacks has 4 eyeshadows and 1 mirror. The colors are made in such a way that the shadows of these 2 stacks will compliment each other.

1 new


These eyeshadow pans are magnetized, which means the pans are “stacked” upon each other with help of magnet. I haven’t used anything like this before, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I am going to stop here now and show you a glimpse of the shadows.




More closer…


Ok, let’s stop here, take a few steps back and get into details of each and every one these shadows.


These eyeshadow stacks cost $48 each and can be found online at


With 4 warm neutral colored shadows, this stack features all matte formula. The shadows are Blurr, Unseen, Enigma and Dark Matter. These colors can be used for a beautiful smokey eye, your everyday natural eye or an enviable cut-crease eye makeup.

11 12



This is described as “blending or eraser” shadow. It’s a soft light brown which is an excellent blending or transition color. I have also used this color as my undereye setting powder, worked great too!

BLURR1 blurr



This is described as “cool-medium delicious caramel brown”. Yes it reminds me of caramel. This medium deep brown color can be used for a soft smokey eye.

UNSEEN2 unseen dark-matter-2


This is described as “rusted red-brown”. It’s a reddish-brown shadow…..a great one for Fall!

ENIGMA2 enigma dark-matter-3


Described as “pitch black.” This is, indeed, one of the blackest shadows I have come across.

DARKMATTER2 dark matter dark-matter-4


This stack contains statement colors like purple and rose gold. It has 2 matte and 2 shimmer shadows. The shadows are Promiscuous, Fixated, Amelie, Love Sick. These colors can be coordinated with the colors of Dark Matter eyeshadow stack.

13 14



This is described as “color changing violet-blue”. This color is- in my opinion- A MUST HAVE for all makeup collector and makeup lovers’ collection. This is a shimmery shadow. The primary color is purple but it has blue-purple-pink hint in it. The shimmers are not chunky, rather it presents as a fine purple “sheen”.

PROMISCUOUS2 promiscuous 36


This is described as “matte grey”. I have found it as a grey color with a hint of blue in it. I generally do not use grey shadows, because it makes me look sickly, but the blue in this grey looks great and works great as a crease color.

FIXATED2 fixated 37


This is described as “peachy gold”. This color is perfect for Spring and Summer. This rose gold shadow can be best interpreted as warm pink with fine gold shimmers.

AMELIE2 amelie 38


This is described as “ultra-matte burgundy-red”. It’s a medium deep brown with red in it. Actually “Burgundy red” is the exact name of this shade.

LOVE SICK2 love sick 39


Love sick and Enigma both are in plain words- reddish brown. But the difference is Love Sick is more red and Enigma is more brown. Here is the side by side swatch.

lovesick vs enigma LOVESICK VS ENIGMA2


1. The shadow colors are vibrant and rich! I have swatched all the colors without any primer or product underneath. Just 1 swipe and the vibrancy was there.

2. Most matte shadows tend to feel chalky and apply patchy. BUT I must admit, MELT shadows are not chalky or patchy at all! Rather these are creamy and blends like butter…. let me rephrase that- they glide on like a dream! 🙂

3. You can take the shadows of your choice, stack those and travel.


1. Price may be an issue for some. But hey, if you do the math you will see that- you are paying $12 for each 0.125 oz eyeshadow. Whereas, you have to pay more than $12 for a regular 0.05 oz eyeshadow.

2. Limited colors.



I do not use numbering or grading system on my blog but if I did, MELT shadows should get an A+

Well done Lora and Dana!


 So which colors among these do you like most? Comment below.
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  1. I love many of the colors. I’m not a makeup guru at all. I don’t wear it all that often.

  2. Beautiful colors!

  3. I love the colours – I rarely wear make up but when I do I love bright eye shadows 🙂

  4. I rarely wear eye makeup, but this review makes me think I should do it more often. What gorgeous shades!

  5. They certainly came out with the just the right ads to grab the attention of beauty mavens. All of the eye shots look extremely seductive. How cool is it to have magnetic packaging? Very convenient.

  6. Chikondi Salimu says:

    really lovely a coward though, i cant do that bold.

  7. Those are some bold eyes. My eye lids dont show so I dont do eye makeup

  8. Naghma koussar syed says:


  9. I love these!! I must check them out! I am a makeup junkie!

  10. Heidi Bee says:

    Love all the amazing colors! They look fantastic!

  11. hey apu.. wanna know about their lipsticks.. are those creamy or matte?? thnx

  12. reyby olympia says:

    Love all the shades!!They are beautiful!

  13. Well done…Got to know many new things…Thanks 🙂

  14. reyby olympia says:

    The shades are amazing!I’ve watched a couple of reviews about this.There’s a mix reviews.But for me,its worth the price,the shades are so pretty.And the pigmentation is amazing!My faves are Enigma and Unseen.Yaay!Hope to get my hands on this awesome eyeshadows!Great blog!!

  15. Josss one apu


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