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Hello there! Do you follow me on my Instagram? If yes, then I think you have seen my struggle with acne. I was doing a #nofacemakeup challenge for 30 days due to the constant acne episodes. Along with that, I incorporated some healthy habits into my daily life to clear my skin and detox my body.

If you have used acne medications, then you know how dry face can be after using those. Sometimes you have to reapply your moisturizer even if you have just used it 30 minutes ago!

So you must be wondering why am I blabbering about my acne whereas the title of today’s article is a “Review”?! Okay, without further ado let’s talk about the skin care cream which has and is helping me everyday.

[I have so many things to say about this particular product, don’t know where to start!]






So there are thousands of skin care creams in market. What’s so special about this one?

Ummmm….well, Rejuvel Facial Repair Creme is a new addition in skin care industry. Why am I using the word “new”?

Here’s why:

Introducing Breakthrough Facial Repair Crème by REJUVEL. Reverse the signs of aging at the molecular level, with an exclusively licensed NASA patented technology.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.07.19 PM.png


Wait what? NASA?! So NASA is making skin products now?

Well…. no. This particular product is made with technologies from NASA. Here’s what Rejuvel says about their product:


The REJUVEL skin care line was developed using a NASA bioreactor to expand plant and mammalian cells in a three-dimensional state. REJUVEL offsets the effects of time by stimulating fibroblast cells that offer unparalleled skin rejuvenation benefits that effectively promote dermal cell activity. By tightening the dermal connective tissue, your skin will regain its firmness and significantly reduce wrinkle depth as well as increasing skin moisture content and skin tone balancing to give you a more youthful appearance.


To say it in plain english, this skin cream promotes baby cells named “Fibroblasts” which create collagen (it causes the elasticity of our skin). As we age our skin cell activities lessen, which results in wrinkles, age spots, saggy skin etc. This product claims to increase our skin cell activities (in a good way) and lessens the signs of aging.

So it’s another anti-aging cream.




It claims to –

  • Increase skin moisture content
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Reduce dark circle
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce dark spots.

Now let’s dig deeper to see if it’s true to the claim.




I must admit, I love the packaging and design of this bottle. Sleek, silver colored plastic bottle which is easy to use and not fragile. The product comes out through a pump, which is good because you know how much do you need exactly. I generally use 2-3 pumps.

One thing troubles me is that, you can’t see how much product is left.



rejuvel4 rejuvel6 rejuvel7rejuvel8 rejuvel9 rejuvel10




It’s a good sized bottle which contains 1.7 oz or 50 ml product. The product itself is-

Fragrance free.

Paraben free.





If you look at the list of ingredients in the following picture, you can see there is a really interesting one in there: Human Fibroblast induced Pluripotent Cell Extract. This ingredient increases the cellular activity (as we have mentioned before).


rejuvel12 rejuvel13




I have found that the cream is very lightweight on skin. Not greasy or oily and also absorbs well. It leaves a moisturized & smooth feelings on skin after application.

The instruction of the application is as follows:

1. For your first application, apply a thin layer to cleansed face.

2. It gives best results after scrubbing off the dead tissues of your skin.

3. Use it twice daily.

I use it once at night after I have washed my face with my trusty Clarisonic face brush.


rejuvel16 rejuvel17




Here is a little experiment I have done with this product. As we do not use only one product on our face, it’s really hard to pinpoint a single product’s sole effectiveness. This is why apart from using this cream on my face I have been using it on back of my left hand from September. As you can see in the following picture, it had some black spots (due to waxing, sunrays etc). My hand is also very dry and sometimes feels rough to touch.

In the next picture; taken today; my skin is smoother, the dark spot situation has improved and the skin feels softer when touched.

rejuvel collage





1. Really moisturizes the skin without leaving any greasy feeling.

2. Improves skin quality, makes it smooth and supple.

3. Gradually lessens dark areas of skin.

NOTE- I didn’t have any marked dark areas or spots of my face to begin with. All I had and have are some acne spots and dark circle. The dark circle has lessened and the acne spots are gradually getting better after using this.



1. If you are looking for something to get rid of your dark circles or dark spots overnight, this won’t do that. It needs time to show yu result on dark areas.

2. Price! It’s really steep for those who are in a budget.



Rejuvel Facial Repair Creme retails for $149.99 and it can be found online on



If you are in your 30s and want to start using a good anti-aging product, this may be your answer!


I hope you have found my review helpful. Comment, share and subscribe to spread the love!





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Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful!

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful!

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