My blog turns 3!

So my  blog is 3 years old!
I still remember the day when I started writing for this blog in 2010… I was so shy to share it! I tried to keep it as non-existent as possible.
Gradually I realized, I need to share my story & my blog with others like me. I started to write about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & my journey with it.
My first viral blog post was “Living with my 2 special friends.” I got many mails and unimaginable response after publishing this post… I was overwhelmed! 
“I can inspire people!”, I exclaimed!
Then I started writing about things I have learnt being in medical profession.
Slowly I started to work as a makeup artist and also started to write about Beauty & Makeup. I was very hesitant to post my pictures at first (and still feel so…..)
I felt my blog was inadequate in this sea of Beauty blogs… But I realized later, my blog is not solely a beauty blog… It’s a Healthy lifestyle AND Beauty blog!
I am trying to improve myself and my blog everyday…. 
May be the pace is very slow, but I am working towards it.
So yeah, A very very happy birthday to my dear blog!
And oh! Happy birthday to me too!
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Stay Healthy , Stay Beautiful !
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