Remove Glitter Fallout in 5 Easy Steps

When I am working with a shimmery or glittery eye-shadow, one thing bothers me most and that is the fallout!
Glitter, when used purposefully and sparingly, looks beautiful. See the following images. The left one looks artsy whereas the right one, it seems like a glitter balloon has burst on her face!
If you are not careful enough to remove the glitter fallout, then it gives an unflattering sparkle…and I am not fond of that particular look.
Are on the same page with me? Then just follow these 5 simple steps to prevent glitter fallout.

1. Foundation: 

Apply your foundation after you are done with your eye-makeup. Just wipe the fallout with a baby wipe.

2. Loose Powder: 

If you have already applied your foundation, then just add some loose powder under your eyes to catch the fallout.

3.  Shadow Shield: 

You can use a shadow shield to catch the fallout. If you don’t have this, just hold a tissue under your eyes.
Shadow Shield

4. Base:

Use a good primer on the lids before you use the eye shadows. It acts as a base and adheres the product.

5. Removal:

Just take a piece of scotch tape and roll it on your finger leaving the sticky side up. Just pat the sticky side on the fallout areas and voila! No more disco ball!
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