Tip of Thursday: Learning to blend Eyeshadows!

If you are just starting your journey on eye makeup (or you love to play with eye shadows), then you must know it can become kinda messy on the eyes if you don’t know how the colors should blend and put together.

Here is a great tip to get you started and motivated:

  • Take your makeup brushes and apply the colors on the inner part of your hands just like you would apply on your eyes.
  • Practice the blending and color co-ordinations.
  • You will get a pretty decent idea about how the colors will look on your eyes and which colors will go together well.
  • Do not worry if it gets messy or you don’t know what to do..just mix and match different colors till you get your perfect blend!

Apply this little trick when you want to try on some new colors next time and let me know how it goes!
 Here is a “sample” of the tip! It is a practice run for the next look I am doing. 
Can you guess what is it about?

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