Preventing HD Disaster: My quirky way!


It is a translucent finishing powder that is worn over foundation or worn alone. The active ingredient of this kind of product is Silica, which gives the appearance of glowing radiant skin. HD powders also mattify the skin and give a more even appearance.


Makeup Forever [MUFE] HD powder is a high end HD powder. A good cheaper dupe of this product is ELF HD powder.


If you have used any HD powder products then you are bound to be familiar with the following looks.
Disaster, right?
Yes… it’s easy to go way overboard with the application and end up looking like this.
When I first started using my MUFE HD powder, it felt like heaven on my skin. The powder itself is so smooth and velvety…you have to touch it to believe it!
But the disappointment came when I had my pictures taken. Here are the examples:

YUP! Scary!
I was so embarrassed!
Then I had an idea!
*Drum roll please!*
I just took my MAC studio fix powder foundation and applied it over the HD powder.
And the result was AWESOME!
There was no white ghastly shadow under my eyes anymore.
Here is the proof!

So next time you use a HD powder, just apply it lightly and then pat your powder foundation gently upon it. The result is going to be flawless!
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  1. I am glad that it was helpful!

  2. ur post is so helpful…its visible how disaster cld cm whn it applied in wrong way.

  3. yup! I just love the way it makes all the creases under my eye disappear and a little amount goes a long way 🙂

  4. I love the finish! HD powders are tricky to use, we just have to be careful with the application 🙂

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