…I didn’t know that- Popsicle for your eyes!

Is it Thursday already?
So it’s time for my quirky tip of Thursday!
Are your eyes looking tired and puffy? Is the darkness under your eyes reminding you of a raccoon?
Oh…don’t worry!
Here is my tip to help you get rid of these troubles.

I call it my “Cucu-Tato Popsicle“!

  • Take a cucumber and one potato.
  • Add 2 tbsp of water.
  • Blend these together well.
  • Place the mixture in an ice-cube tray and freeze.
  • Use the cucumber-potato ice on your eyes wrapped in a soft cloth. [Do not use ice directly on your eyes or eye area.]
  • You can use the rest of the product on your face too!
    Isn’t it effective and simple?
    You don’t have to make the concoction every time you want a quick “lift-me-up” for your eyes!
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