ASTALIFT skin perfection day

16th and 17th of this month, famous skincare brand Astalift (from Fujifilm) organized a Skin perfection workshop in Dhaka. As my previous experience with Astalift Jelly Aquarysta was quite pleasant (article here), I was really enthusiastic to attend the workshop and know more!
With their signature red-orange decor,  warm welcoming committee and free skin analysis by experts, the main attraction of the program for me was the seminar about common skincare blunders and problems in Asian-Bangladeshi skin.

Astalift spokeswoman, all smiling Lynne opened the discussion with a quote, “GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!”
What kind of fun?
Fun in the sun, with our makeup on, late night parties with friends etc!
But should we worry about “how much fun” we are having?
Not so much if you abide by the 3 skin rules.
  • Sun protection
  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizing

Check out more pictures of the event here.


 Lynne insisted on “Safe sun” practice a.k.a applying sunscreen devotedly!
The harmful rays of sun cause freckles, dark spots and premature wrinkles in our skin. It also open our pores and make those enlarged.
The heat of the summer along with humidity disrupts the water-oil balance in the skin which causes extreme dryness. As surprising as it may seem, most of us suffer from dryness or dry patches on skin which we misinterpret as “Oily skin”. That’s because the dryness causes the skin to produce more sebum and hence it pose as oily skin.
This situation along with the harmful UV rays, if persistent, ultimately breaks the keratin layer of our skin and damages the collagen causing sagging of the skin.
Check out these diagrams to know more about UV rays.


Another mistake in our skincare routine is not taking off the makeup before we hit the snooze button. Lynne quoted a Chinese proverb in this context, “There is no ugly woman in the world, just lazy woman!
You may think it is okay to skip the wash-the-face ritual when you are too tired to keep your eyes open, but you cannot even imagine how damaging it is to your skin. Night time is the period when our bodies go through the repair process. Now picture your skin covered with all the dirt and chemical from makeup… Get my point yet? The whole process will cause more breakout and damage beyond repair!


The 3rd and last blunder is forgetting to moisturize the skin.
Even though you have oily skin, you need to replenish it after you have cleansed it. That is why moisturizing is a must for healthy skin.

All these little details can make a huge difference in our skin. We don’t need to be picture perfect with tons of makeup everyday (ahem…Kim Kardashian!) but when the skin is healthy, we all can have fun!

So…love the skin you are in and take care!

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  1. Please check out the new article about sunscreen..I think it's gonna be helpful.

  2. I use mainly 3 different Neutrogena ones and switch between those! I am working on an article about it. Details will be posted there.

  3. pls suggest me or say what brand u used? & where i can get it?
    my skin is oily .

  4. yes….no matter where I go, or how little I am going to be exposed to sun, I use it regularly.

  5. ok In-Sha-Allah!

  6. every day u use sunscreen?

  7. awww! Thanks dear! Next time in-sha-Allah!

  8. yaa. 16th . bt i missed . bcz i wanted to meet wid u face 2 face . bcz i like u so much…..

  9. Hi Afrina. ami 17th a giyechilam. Notun kono product ekhono use kori nai. Korle update dibo 🙂
    Did you attend the seminar?

  10. Hi apu ……… apni kobe giyecilen? 16th or 17th . apnr review dekhe ami jelly ta kinecilam . apni ki r kono product use korcen?

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