NEW ON THE BLOCK: Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Yes the name is kind of weird but keep on reading the post to get to know about this amazing stuff!

What does it do to your skin?
It improves your skin tone, shrinks the pore size and fades the acne marks!

Well ,let me give you a little background of my skin first.
My skin was normal in my teen years….without any acne problem. But as I entered my late 20’s it has become really sensitive. Breakout is a common phenomenon and sunray makes my skin itch (though I use sun block religiously!)
So gradually my skin became so bad I felt like hiding in my room FOREVER. It was always red and irritated.
So I made a regime to clear out my skin. Used home-made facials…changed food habits.
The breakouts have lessened but acne scars are still very much visible.
I have recently learnt about this Astalift jelly which is made by Fujifilm and heard that it works wonder for your skin.

What does it claim?

According to the Astalift site, 

“This revolutionary skincare formula targets the visible signs of premature ageing: dark spots, lines and dull skin, delivering visibly younger, more luminous and ‘replumped’ skin. The unique red jelly contains the smallest of micro particles that penetrate the skin immediately and deliver active ingredients deep into skin cells. This patented innovation combines a marine alga rich in Astaxanthin – a powerful natural antioxidant – with three specific types of collagen to improve skin’s moisture levels, firmness and elasticity. Ceramides restore the skin’s natural barrier while emollients provide optimal hydration. Collagens and hydrolyzed lupin peptides help stimulate the production of elastin fibers to make the skin firmer and smoother. This breakthrough anti-ageing phenomenon is the number one premium skincare product in Japan. Results are remarkable. 86% of women found their skin more luminous after just 10 days.* *10-day study of 100 women.”

Here’s what  has to say about this jelly,

 “This product is already a hit in Japan – it’s the number one premium skincare product over there. Thanks to its lightweight, melting, jelly texture and ultra fine particles, the product penetrates the skin’s layers deep down. With collagen-rich Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, ceramides to restore the skin’s barrier and peptides to stimulate the skin’s production of elastin, it’s a potent blend that will have your skin looking smoother and dewier in days. “

My thoughts-

This product is true to its name….it’s a jelly like orangey-red substance with mild rosey smell.When I first opened the jar & looked at the jelly, it just reminded me of…..Turkish delight in jelly form! 

You have to take a small amount of this wobbly jelly with the plastic spatula provided in the packet. Then apply it to the face and cover your face with the hands by pressing for 10 seconds. Smooth from the middle towards to outside and tap lightly with fingertips. Delicately pinch under the chin, the hollow of the cheeks, the area around the eyes, the forehead and the temples. 

Here is the application video on YouTube 


  • I have been using this for more than 4 weeks and it’s already working its magic on my skin.

  • I am using it on my face and under the eye area every other night after cleansing my face thoroughly.

  • My skin tone has improved, pores have become smaller and the acne scars are fading gradually.

Here are the pictures of before and after I started using this product.

Acne scars before using the product.

During using the product-week 1.
Week 4 onwards


The only downside of this product is the price. 

You will get 15 g for £21.00 and 40g for £69.00. 


This product will only be effective as long as you use it. I have noticed that when I have used it, the pores looked smaller and skin felt smoother. But when I finished my bottle and started using my regular product, my skin was back to usual self.

Have you used this product yet? Was it useful? 
Do chime in!


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  1. yes dear…as I have said earlier, you can get it from any PRIYO outlet or Molly capita center in gulshan. The small one will cost 4,500 BDT.

  2. apu can i get it from dhaka?? if possible then from where?? how much it will cost at bd??

  3. Hello dear! I have bought it from Priyo outlet of Dhaka. I don't know where can you get it in Noakhali..sorry!

  4. Hi apu..i m from noakhali, can i get this product,,or 4m where i can buy dis ASTALIFT JELLY? Plz ans me

  5. you are welcome!

  6. Thank you so much apu.

  7. No dear… I do not use anything else after applying this. But I do use my regular eye cream before applying it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    apu do u use any moisturizer/night cream after applying the jelly???

  9. I will definitely try out the day cream. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. I've loved this product, and it's good see it's made such a difference to your skin 🙂
    I'm currently buying my second pot!
    By the way, the Replenishing Day Cream is also amazing!!
    Ambarina @

  11. Hello Afrina!
    So far my spots have lessened..but not completely gone. You have to give at least 4 weeks to get visible results for a skin care product to work. Till now, the product is working well for my skin.
    Hope it is helpful to you! 🙂

  12. hi apu ..
    i use Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. pls let me know it can remove acne spot?

  13. I am not bothered at all with the questions dear! It's totally okay!
    I don't have any sun spot yet. I also use sun block regularly. Just use a good eye cream at night. It helps a lot!

  14. ohk!!!
    btw apu, did it help wid sun spots?
    even i use sunblock regularly but getting sunspots around my eye area 🙁
    sorry 4 so many questions

  15. Didn't use any powder apu.. the cakey look it's giving is due to my phone camera..sorry about that.

  16. apu, in ur last pic…did u use any powder or thts bare skin?
    Thankss 🙂
    lovely post thoughh

  17. Thanks dear!

  18. woww from the photos, it shows that it certainly improves your skin!

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