A lost battle

This is a story of a lost battle.
My dear aunty who was suffering from tongue cancer died on 27th April  [ related article here  ]. She had an operation on that day to remove the cancerous part. Though the surgery went smoothly, she went into cardiac arrest at the end. The doctors tried to revive her for 2 and a half hour before finally giving up.
Her final sleep was peaceful compared to the agony she went through due to the disease.
This disease not only affects the victim but also the people close to the person. I salute all the survivors and empathize with all the sufferers & family members of cancer. It’s never easy to accept or deal with the loss of a loved one, but it’s harder to watch their tormented body fade away every moment! So in that sense, I am happy that she is now in a better place. 
I really wish cancer was only the name of a zodiac!
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