IPSY Glam Bag- January 2015


Hey everyone! I am going to add another review section on my blog featuring monthly IPSY glam bags. IPSY is an online subscription service where you will get samples and full sized products to try out. It's a great service for beauty bloggers and enthusiasts to try out new products every month. Without further ado let's have a peek inside this month's bag.

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January Color Spotlight- MARSALA

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  COLOR SPOTLIGHT is a new series on Sifa's Corner. Every month I will show 10 or more products featuring one specific color or in the same color family. The color I chose for January is MARSALA.   Everyone in the beauty and fashion world is getting crazy over the color of the year 2015 AKA Marsala. As I was frantically searching my local Sephora store and waiting them to restock the Marsala-color-family makeup products on their website, I had an EUREKA moment. Why don't I

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Romantic Bride in White


Hello reader! Today's article is the 2nd part of my wedding series with Loverly. Let me recap for the first-time readers- I teamed up with Loverly, chose 2 wedding gowns and created a makeup & hair look for the corresponding gowns. If you haven't seen which gown I chose for the first look, click here. Let me start with a question, What pops in your mind when you close your eyes and try to imagine a western bride? A white, clean, romantic look.

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Modern Bride in Pink & White


  If you ask me what's the most stressful and exciting thing about a wedding, I would say the "planning" part. So many emotions keep running! If you don't have your mother or a best friend to help you out, it's gonna be way more stressful than it originally is. When Loverly approached me to choose a wedding gown and share a completed look with that gown, I was nostalgic. I remembered the time when I was planning for my own wedding. :)     The first gown I have

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Makeup by ONE DIRECTION Kits*- Review & Swatches


*SENT FOR REVIEW*   ONE DIRECTION is a name which is very much popular in today's music world. Apart from making mind-blowing music, they have ventured into.....wait for it.....MAKEUP! Yes, they have launched their own makeup line featuring eyeshadow palettes, nail colors, hair mascaras etc. I was fortunate enough to receive some limited edition products from their line...and I have had enough time to play with these babies. So today I am going to share my thoughts on these

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New Year, Resolution and Blogging


HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear reader!!! So it is that time of year where we engage in wishful thinking and resolution. Actually it's never too late to make promise for a better YOU...... whether it's the first day of a year or the last, you can always improve! Anyways as introvert as I am, I can't show you any glamorous #NYE selfie or glitzy outfit. But I can tell you how I spent my NYE on 2014. It was our 1st wedding anniversary and we spent the evening with a nice cozy dinner and an evening ride.

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10 things about 2014!


  Hello readers! 2014 is coming to an end...... It has been an adventurous year for me....and as my blog reflects my persona & life, of course it has gone through the same ups and downs.     I don't want to focus on the negative incidents of this year, I want to look into the positives. So Let's have a quick recap of the year 2014.

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