READER’S STORY: How I lost 37 kg in 1 year!


Hello readers! If you have followed my blog since the beginning then you know that, "Sifa's Corner" not only features Beauty and Makeup it also covers healthy lifestyle. Being a Dental Surgeon, I know the importance of a healthy body....and it brings out today's topics- Weight loss.It's imperative to maintain a healthy weight and be active for a healthy body. In these last 6 months, I am gradually gaining weight and facing many troubles that I have never experienced before. (That is a subject we

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13 Drugstore Lipcolors under $10


So you are excited about the Fall lip trend: dark-bold-rich colors, but you are-A. feeling shy about using bold color OR B. you just want to experiment with some colors ORC. not keen on spending your hard earned $$$ on high end lip products (which you will wear only a couple of times!)What to do?Why not try some drugstore products?!Awhile ago, couple of my subscribers were asking for my recommendation on some affordable lip products for Fall. So I got curious, visited Walmart, Target & CVS

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My New Hair Color from Mezzanine Salon


If you follow my Instagram account, then you have seen me posting pictures of my new hair color. It's nothing drastic, as usual. (AGH! I wish I could pull off a daring hair some blue streaks!)My hair is naturally black. Some warmth and color breaks the monotonous look of all-over black hair and gives it dimension. I also had "some" greys. So the color job was becoming a necessity.I went to Lola Teeny from Mezzanine salon in Minneapolis. She is highly recommended in Minneapolis area

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I tried something Unique, by Younique!**


[**Sent for review]........ Haha…couldn't resist the pun! Today I am going to talk about a special product. It’s the “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” mascara by Younique Cosmetics. THE COMPANY:Younique is relatively new in beauty and makeup industry. The motto of their products is- “Nature. Love. Science”. They have combined the advances of science and the gift of Mother Nature for the exclusive products. Let’s hear from the co-founder Melanie Huscroft about makeup products in general:“Without

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Warby Parker Fall 2014 Eyeglasses Collection


Fall is knocking at our doors. Many brands are launching their Fall collection with some old and new creations and here comes our main story.Today’s article is very special to me, because I am going to write about the Fall collection of one of my most used products in daily life. No I am not talking about any makeup or beauty items, I am talking about Glasses.I can't live without my glasses and prefer these to contacts. So this is why I am excited about this particular launch…’s the Fall

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2014 Summer Product Loves


Hello beautiful!Summer is coming to an end.....and many brands are launching their Fall collections. So maybe I am a little late to post this article. These are the products I have used most in this season and loved.[For details, read more...]FACE:Sunscreen-It is a no brainer that sunscreen is a must have product- all year long....whether it's raining or snowing. You can choose a normal sunscreen or a tinted one, your choice... But use one.I am loving La Roche-Posay tinted and the normal

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First Look- Christian Louboutin nail colors


Hello readers!Greetings from Seattle!!Today's article is gonna be a short one featuring one of the most talked about products in beauty industry nowadays- Christian Louboutin nail colors! Famous for his innovative and lust-worthy creations, this talented shoe-designer has launched some new nail polishes. The first one which is going to hit the store is his classic and signature Red color.The packaging of the product- Edgy! And the color- Timeless classic!The Red nail color retails for $50 and

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5 min face vs. 25 min face


Some days, you wake up like this:And you wanna do only this:But instead you get up, take your coffee, get going and face the world!So there are almost thousands of pictures, videos and articles in the internet about no-makeup or 5 min makeup tutorials. I am not going to post a tutorial today.... I am just going to visually represent how does a 5 min makeup face compares to a 25 min makeup face....with same amount of sleep, under eye bags and acne episodes. [I apologize beforehand for the phone

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