My thoughts on: July Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box

Sent for review

Hello there! How is Summer treating you so far?

As for me, I am not a very “summer-fan”. I am not fond of the scorching sun!

Anyway, today I am going to talk about a subscription service/box that I have been enjoying from last 8 months. This month POPSUGAR has curated a box based on the essentials of Summer. I have been sent this month’s box to try out and asked to share my thoughts about it.

Have you heard about Popsugar Must Have box service? If no, then keep on reading.


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A Sunny Afternoon with My Mini-Me

**Special thanks to Rosetta Ann Photography for capturing the precious moments.**

Hello readers!

I know my blog has been really slow for the last 7 months. (For the new readers, here’s why)

I think my loyal readers will be happy today that I am posting something personal after a very long time. Keep on reading and scrolling for my story and some more pictures.


My initial plan was to schedule some articles & videos before my due date. But I went to labor 5 weeks early leaving most of my works pending.

When I was in labor, my thoughts should have been centered on the well-being of my child but my first thought was- “I have at least 50 products pending reviews!” I was almost hysteric that I won’t be able to meet the deadlines and work commitments I had made with various companies.

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REVIEW: L’Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend System



Hello friends! After a very long hiatus, I am back with a new post. For my old as well as new readers, I have been very busy with the new life with my baby, my same old health condition and lots of other stuffs. I will soon share all these things in a separate blogpost.

Let me tell you one thing I have realized recently. It’s better to go darker when you are pregnant or just had a baby.


Because you will get absolutely no time to take extra, or any, care of your hair. I colored my hair last September and it’s been 7 months since then. Within this time I had my baby and gave 0 time to attend my hair. My hair has become dry, frizzy, brittle and in plain words- straw-like. :(

Then I tried out L’Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend System products. Keep on reading to know my experience & see my hair after using the products.


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How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally

Guest Post

Straight hair has always been a rage among women. The desire of getting straight hairs even drags you towards salon and you spend bucks on chemical straightening which not only ruins the quality of your hair but also makes a huge hole in your pocket as well. We came up with some “swear by” techniques that you can easily do at your home and they will surely bring the desired effect on the texture of your hair. They will give deep nourishment to your hair and will give you straight hair without damaging them.


Source: swtor

And you surely don’t have to pay bucks in doing so. Just go quick and easy with the home remedies to straighten your hair. All you need are the daily essentials from your kitchen. That’s all and you will be gifted with soft and shiny hair.

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REVIEW & DEMO: How I Straighten My Hair with Chronic Pain feat. Irresistible Me Diamond hair styler


Hello readers!

Today I have made a quick tutorial on how I use straightening iron to smooth out my rough frizzy hair. The hair straightener I have used here is from Irresistible Me and it’s called Diamond Hair Styler.

As you may already know, I suffer from chronic shoulder and arm pain which prohibits me from heat style my hair everyday. But sometimes in an occasion, when I want to make my hair more manageable and polished, this is how I do that.

Here is the video on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe if you liked it!

Keep on reading to see the before-after pictures.

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