ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipsticks- Part 3 [Coral, Red]

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This is the last part of Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick review. The first part was general review, pros & cons; second part was Nude, Pink and Purple. This part consists of Corals and Reds. Some of the colors look very similar on my skin. But I have added comparison photos at the end to give a clear idea. SHADES: CORALS: Retro Coral Neon Coral Electric Coral REDS: Persimmon Spicy Bloodline American Doll Vamp Heathers The general review & application process

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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipsticks- Part 2 [Nude, Pink, Purple]


This second part of Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks review consists of the nude, pink and purple colors. My previous article had the general review- pros, cons and application process. SHADES: NUDES: Milk Shake Pure Hollywood Lovely PINKS: Baby Pink Party Pink Sweet Talker Carina PURPLES: Vintage Potion Sad Girl To see the general review of these products check the general review part. Keep on reading to know the details of each color.

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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipsticks- General Thoughts


“As I sit here in front of my laptop, planning to order the newly launched Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick and searching for their reviews on South Asian skin, I am at a loss! All I could find were Jaclyn Hill and Manny MUA’s video reviews of the whole collection….and nothing remotely on South-Asian (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani) brown skinned girls.” Sounds familiar? Liquid lipsticks are very much “IN” right now. Most makeup savvy ladies nowadays look for long lasting products, so

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Tutorial- Rocker Chic Makeup with Makeup by One Direction

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Hello readers! Whenever I post a makeup look (on my face), I get asked a lot, "Do you do any makeup other than natural and soft looking?" Though I personally prefer soft glamorous makeup on myself, I also like dramatic makeup....sometimes. :) I was playing with Makeup by One Direction's Beauty box and came up with something edgy yet wearable as a party makeup. All the eyeshadows and lip colors are from this beauty box. If you want to see detailed review and color swatches of this box, click

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1st day of Spring Makeup for Glasses- Tutorial

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Hello my Bangladeshi readers! Happy 1st day of Spring! Who is excited for  পহেলা ফাল্গুন (1st day of Spring)? When I was in high school me and my friends were very excited for the বসন্ত উৎসব (Spring Day Celebration). We were allowed to wear colorful "Saari" or "Salwar-Kamiz" on that day....and also, we were allowed to wear makeup!! You can guess the excitement and happiness of a teenage girl playing dress-up and with makeup! Such a happy memory! Anyways, back to present days! After the

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Smokey Glamorous Valentine’s Day Makeup


    Sometimes it's so hard to name a look... I couldn't come up with a better name than this. :) First of all, I want to clear that personally I do not celebrate Valentines day. But many of my readers and subscribers do, hence the makeup look. My husband and I most likely will spend the day/night at home with home-made meal and a good movie. Secondly, Don't be disappointed as I have used high end products for this look. I wanted to feel glamorous and the makeup to be a bit

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MAYA MIA Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills


MAYA MIA is a rising star in Makeup & Beauty Blogging industry. Famous for her YouTube channel and Instagram, this Tanzanian Makeup Artist and Blogger is as beautiful & flawless as her makeup tutorials. She collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills and came out with "Maya Mia" eyeshadow palette which consists of natural, jewel toned and bright colors. The website describes the colors are ideal for Summer, but why don't we incorporate some warmth in Winter-almost Spring?! "Designed

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